CIS Series

CIS Series by Kaihen

As a company that meters and bills customers for a commodity (like electricity, gas, water or wastewater), you know how important it is to provide a seamless customer experience, as well as the importance of maintaining a streamlined process, from start to finish.

A seamless customer experience means answering the questions your customers are asking.  It includes a number of moving parts, like:

Providing this type of experience from start to finish is no easy feat.

That’s where a Customer Information System (CIS) comes in.

A CIS is one of the most important applications within a Utility. Its’ ability to obtain enormous amounts of information and enable back-office and field activities from a single, unified place means that a CIS not only makes the processes within your Utility more efficient, it also acts as a dependable system that customer service reps, billing clerks, collection staff/agencies, meter shop people, engineers, financial analysts and management can also rely on to do their jobs.

When it comes time to alter your company’s CIS in any way or replace it with a completely new application, the effect the change has on the people, processes, and technology within your Utility is massive.

Companies often spend years planning their CIS initiatives, invest valuable time in the regulatory ‘approval’ process, and spend millions (often tens of millions) to replace their existing system.

Kaihen will be adding more content to this page focusing on different aspects of the process. Throughout this series, we’ll provide insights to Utilities and open up a discussion and debate forum, where you can discover key aspects to consider when planning or delivering your CIS project.

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Find out what CIS Procurement Options are available to Utilities and essential factors to consider during the process.


CIS Series

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