Customer Operations & Systems

Customers Rule

When a company delivers good customer service—responsive, helpful and personal—they create the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship that will pay dividends long into the future.

In order to deliver on customer service expectations, systems must meet the needs of the organization, and the organization must be prepared and ready to use them.

Kaihen provides unbiased counsel on the right systems to address our clients’ needs. We help assess, select and implement systems that deliver an accurate view into essential customer information including billing, metering, customer service, credit, payment, and collections. Armed with this information, our clients can effectively deliver on customer service promises and make informed business decisions.

Kaihen’s focus on business readiness ensures that our clients’ people and organization work efficiently and effectively, and get the most out of their systems. Our Change Management service ensures the proper stakeholders are involved and are prepared for the change. We create or re-engineer business processes to ensure delivery is efficient, effective, and repeatable. We provide custom training solutions to prepare our clients for system use. And, we provide Implementation services and operational readiness assessments to validate that there will be no surprises on Day 1.

We also use our extensive subject matter expertise to provide independent, objective assessments of key business functions including Bad Debt Diagnostic, Meter to Cash assessments, Customer Information Systems Assessments, and Customer Experience strategies.

We focus on Customer Information Systems (CIS), Customer Portals, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and more. To learn more about our approach, download our Customer Information Systems brochure (PDF).

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